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1) "Making Your Choice" 3rd Language Webinar 2023

Are you a Primary 6 student interested in taking a 3rd language next year? Are you looking to find out more about what taking a 3rd language is like in secondary school?

Well, look no further! This year, Polyglot Club SG is back again with the 3rd instalment of the "Making Your Choice!" webinar for Primary 6 students, which had previously equipped more than 500 students from more than 70 schools with the necessary knowledge for them to choose a 3rd language!

With seniors sharing about their experiences taking Spanish, French, Japanese and German at MOELC, join us for a look into the MOELC classroom as we share about the benefits and challenges of picking up our respective languages - as well as the all-new segment this year about language immersion trips that MOELC offers to different countries!

What's more, Associate Professor Tan Ying Ying from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore will also be joining us as our Guest of Honour to share about the benefits of being multilingual.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today! Limited (100) slots available.

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