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About us

Our vision is to bring people together, and to create a community where language learners come together with others who share their love of languages. By bringing together language learners from all over Singapore so they can meet others with similar passion, it enables our members to share useful language-learning resources as well as practice speaking their target languages with others - it's a win-win situation!

In the midst of COVID-19, the year 2020, we were founded by a Y1 student from Raffles Girls' School (Secondary), Loy Xing-Yi. A polyglot herself who speaks eleven languages and counting, she chairs this club and runs her own blog, which is linked in our website. Since then, we have been working hard to unite Singapore's aspiring polyglots.


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About Us - Our Founder

Loy Xing-Yi is the founder and chairperson of Singapore’s 1st Polyglot Club. As a polyglot who speaks eleven languages, her passion for languages is what has fueled her to found our club and bring language learning to the doorsteps of more people regardless of circumstance. She feels that language learning should be something accessible for everyone, and looks to demonstrate that picking up a new language, one of the skills most sought after by people, is not as daunting as it seems.


Her interest in languages has contributed to her obtaining the Gold Finalist Award in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Contest 2021, clinching first place in the National Chinese Challenge 2019 and her success in numerous official language proficiency examinations.


Language Levels (according to CEFR framework or equivalent):

  • Native speaker of English 

  • Native speaker of Mandarin Chinese

  • C2 level in French

  • N3 level in Japanese

  • TOPIK level 4 in Korean

  • B1 level in Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Italian

  • Filipino (Tagalog) etc.


Awards and Credentials:

  • International Speaker at International Mother Tongue Language Day 2022

  • Gold Finalist Award (Senior Category) - Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Contest 2021

  • Individual 3rd place - National Japanese Speech Contest 2022

  • Individual 3rd place - 全国华文中学生演讲比赛 2022 

  • Individual top 30 - National Chinese Challenge 2019

  • Group Champion - National Chinese Challenge 2019

  • Individual top 20 - National Chinese Challenge 2020

  • Group Second Runner-up - National Chinese Challenge 2020

  • Creative Arts Programme 2021

  • Group Champion - 华文水平大赛 2019 

  • Individual 4th place - 华文水平大赛 2019

  • Merit Award - Chinese Creative Writing Competition 2019

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